Yellowstone Volcano: A Threat to the Entire USA?

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  1. Jonathan says:

    We’re going to join the dinosaurs. 50,000 years overdue of this and happen and minute. And day. How comforting!

  2. Jonathan says:

    **any minute. any day**

  3. RichardFromEngland says:

    I don’t this is a big worry, what about the energy problems America faces? That is more of a pressing issue than about this volcano.

    America won’t even have 308,000,000 people when these energy problems take place.

    Don’t worry about the Yellowstone volcano.

  4. Lt col. William Knight says:

    Yes you should be worried! Yellowstone volcano will kill most if not all of the residents who live with in 1000 miles of yellowstone. The US govt is keeping this out of the media for concernes of mass panic and disruption.This is only one thing the US is hidding due to this fact.We all need to prepare for 2012 because and the US knows this the world is going to change violently and fast in the next 3 to 13 months ahead. The fact is in the year 2012 “NASA said over 500,000,000 people will die due to this event.People dont know what is really going on in this world and that has to change right now or we the people will be NO MORE. C.R.ARMY 07162011

  5. admin says:

    Dear William Knight,
    I can only agree with you about the timing – 3 to 13 months, that is, starting from the end of October 2011. Though no exact dates are possible here. No surprise that NASA have stopped their space program (at least on the American continent) – they are better informed than anyone else about what to expect, geophysically. But there’s nothing we, the people, or any government, can do. It’s not the first time that such “things” happen to our planet, so there is hope that some of us survive it…

  6. Quadeja says:

    Hi , my name is deja and i am 12 years old i have looked up this volcano many , many times is there any way we can survive this and will we get put back in ice age and will the smoke cpver the sun from the whole planet please write back I have many questins for you im scared for my family and I so please help 🙁

  7. martin says:

    really u guys actully think this just because there a dumb movie (2012) saying that we will on die because of volcano do calculation these r actors they think dont know,+ how can people in space know on the ground earth im 12 and not even worrying THIS IS FAKE THE VOLCANO WONT ERUPT IN THESE YEARS WE GOT A LONG WAY TO GO WE WILL BE DEAD BY THE TIME THIS VOLCANO ERUPT SO STOP BEING A WUSS

  8. GT says:

    We can’t know for sure, but it WILL erupt. Noone knows when, but it will. It can take thousands of years or it can take hundreds… Who knows?