It Is Wrong To Work For Government

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  1. Rhiame says:

    As the saying goes, “Tell me who pays you and I’ll tell you who you serve.” As genuine as I can be, as long as I continue collaborating with the systems in place — all of them — I continue feeding them. By working for them or doing business with them, I collaborate in the maintenance and the spreading of poverty and slavery for all on the planet — since it’s the ultimate plan of the big bosses on top of the pyramid. At the top of every system presently en place or pushed by the media (health, education, banks, money, politics, law, media, etc), it’s always the same group of people that controls them.

    It’s time that I make a choice: do I continue collaborating because of fear of lacking money and means of survival? Or, do I decide to acknowledge who I am, an unlimited creative being, and act as such. In other words, do I want to continue believing that I am a poor powerless victim who needs a savior, someone bigger than me to create a job for me and take care of me, or do I decide to act as the unlimited being that I really am and start manifesting it on my own.

    Of course, this decision requires courage, but thousands of people have done it around the world, so can you. The question is: Do you WANT to do it or not? If you say, “I can’t”, you reduce yourself to the level of an animal, which, unlike humans, has no free will. They are only led by their fears with the fight or flight response. And it’s because most humans are still in the animal consciousness — a fear-based survival one — that the controllers of the planet have such power over humanity and can do whatever they want.

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