Withdraw Your Consent From the State

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  1. Pete Orthmann says:

    While there is unquestionable merit in this idea, I personally find it slightly cowardly. Withdrawing from a crooked process will never resolve the crooked process, it simply removes the person.

    An alternative option (neither must be an entirely total, all consuming approach) is to hold the bastards accountable. Not patty cake, but hold them to the law.

    I live in a particularly small, totally corrupt county in western North Carolina. Today I am suing the county for failing to provide me with some documents as is required under the State Freedom of Information Act. Of course this requires me to have a reasonable knowledge of the law, and the balls to file a complaint in Superior Court. Being an “indigent” has the advantage of no court costs.

    In this particular case, I am almost certain that the documents don’t actually exist, thus crooked Judges and all, the county is going to lose. The ripple effects are already showing positive signs, even before the case is heard.

    Yes, you have to study the various laws. Which is not as complicated as one would think. Yes, you need courage not only to file the action, but to stand alone as you probably will. Yes, it can be damn intimidating. BUT first remember “they” are people too and they don’t want someone pissing on them and most important, it is OUR government and “they” will take all they can if we simply allow them to do so.

    So my perspective is to fight them where you can in legal battles that they really want to avoid. Join together in support of the folks out front in the fight.