Why the Oneness Doctrine is Corrupt

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  1. Ruthamy says:

    Bronte – are you confused yourself? Or confusing us deliberately – I suspect the latter. Either way, you are furthering the agenda of the Illuminati -the equation of Jesus the Saviour and other lesser but benficent beings with a band of brigands. By their fruits shall you know them. Jesus was the ultimate Light of God’s love sent into the darkness of this world to bring us home to Him. The power of His Love cuts through all that New Age/magick stuff with the real thing. It is not that there is not a lot of truth in the NA movement, but it has been warped and perverted by the Shadow. It is wrong because it is retrograde. Thousands of year ago in Egypt the wise man Kagemni expressed well what is wrong with putting new age mysticism and magic and nature worship in place of the revealed love of the Supreme Being in his Son ‘It is putting some-THING good in the place of Goodness.

    We must indeed celebrate our God-given individuality but must realize that we are not fighting the Dark Force along – that the spirit of the loving God is always available to love and empower and guide us. There is indeed a cosmic struggle between the forces of Light and Dark, and you have done nothing in this piece to make people aware of it. Without the onept of good and evil, we are victims of the Luiferian tyrants. Please reconsider, my sister.

  2. admin says:

    Dear Ruthamy. It’s only natural that it is more difficult for Bronte, you, me, other people who haven’t lost the ability to think for themselves, to agree upon every question in every detail. It is much easier for those who don’t think and just follow the “truths” imposed upon them, without ever questioning or otherwise “considering” them. Bronte Baxter doesn’t need to “reconsider” anything more than she is already doing in her every article. If something is missing in this one, it’s certainly because she said it in her other essays, published or yet to come. Please check them out on her personal blog Splinter in the Mind.

  3. Lovechild says:

    I, personally, have felt at different times, the boringness (and loneliness) of the Eternal One, and the psychic attack of the soul vampires in the other plane of existence. I am currently reading “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle and trying to reconcile myself with the idea that merging with the One is a good idea. In light of my personal experiences, that idea is tantamount to the Judeo-Christian concept of “hell.”

    I agree with Bronte on the point that we exist as trillions of different life forms on this planet for a very good reason. Being the One, and only One, conciousness to ever exist for eternity must get really old and lonely after a while.

    Imagine that you woke up one morning and realized that you were all alone in a room and couldn’t remember ever knowing another soul. Imagine also that you couldn’t fall asleep again and you couldn’t quit thinking. Time seemed to drag on forever. You couldn’t remember ever not existing there all alone, and you couldn’t even die if you wanted to. How many millennia would it take in this lonely place before you’d start talking to yourself? What do you think you would eventually do to make yourself forget where you are, what you are and the fact that you’re ALL ALONE FOR ETERNITY?

    This, to me, is a sense of what oneness might be like. I think that the one conciousness only wishes for one OTHER conciousness out there to keep it company. But then again, that could just be my fear-based human perspective, and the Oneness may not care about that at all. I hope not – for all our sake.

    P.S. This is the first thing I’ve read from Bronte, but I feel like I just took the red pill. I look forward to investigating more from this truly unique viewpoint. Thank you.

  4. Eric says:

    I believe in light and love and that is where oneness is coming from, that we are all connected and that everything is everything else. So I send love and peace to you and I know you have the power to do and say what you feel is needed, thank you for sharing your thoughts.