If You Want Love and Abundance, Give It Away

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  1. Rhiame says:

    We are surrounded by abundance and we ARE ourselves abundance. But we still behave as if we were not in our every daily gesture and thought. For abundance to manifest at the material level (this is where the frustration lies), we must act congruently. As an example among many examples I could give, stop shopping in large retail stores to get products at a lower price. Lower price often means lower quality, if not poison most of the time. Instead buy through local stores, manufacturers or farmers good quality products at a fair price. Giving value to the other brings me value back. It’s the beginning of the vicious circle of abundance for all. That’s where the quote from Mark Twain takes its full sense: “If you want love and abundance, give it away”. Stopping chasing after low price is the 1st step to heal the fear of lacking and increase your self-value at the same time. From experience of doing so (and not earning more), I noticed that I was buying less – but only less useless crap! I feel lighter and better than before. It helps when one wants to elevate himself to higher spheres of consciousness!