Understanding the Law of Karma

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  1. Rhiame says:

    As a reminder, the law of karma and attraction is based on cause and consequence, therefore can only take place in the time-space continuum. To summarize, what happens to me today is the consequence of my past actions; and my present actions will have repercussions on my future.

    But time is an illusion, it’s a creation of our mind. Why does our mind create this time reality? Because humanity is still bathing in the fishbowl of death, which is the animal consciousness based on fear and survival. Since we can only create a “reality” in our image and likeness, therefore we create a life trapped in time, with a beginning and an end, a past and a future.

    This happens because the human being forgot who he was: a transitional being, meant to transcend the animal program to become a divine being in a physical body.

    As soon as humanity will jump out of the fishbowl of death – out of our current animal consciousness – and move into the idessic/supramental consciousness, time won’t exist anymore, as will the law of karma and attraction.

    So I would not worry too much my karma and the law of attraction. Instead,as a suggestion for an evolutionary shortcut, we could work on stopping acting, behaving and thinking like animals – which we do 99.99% of the time – and become who we really are: an unlimited creator, which means ‘I’ – as an individual – create what happens to ME in the present moment.