Truth Psyops and the Awakening

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  1. Rhiame says:

    Very pertinent points as always. Though let’s not forget that those ‘maniacs’ are needed for our evolution of consciousness. Without them, we would probably still be carefree and innocent, walking naked and eating apples.

    They actually play a precise and perfect role, that of rising our consciousness and forcing us to make a decision: to transform to who we really are (divine beings living in matter) or die and incarnate again in this nightmarish illusionary reality and walk the path all over again.

    The question remains: what does transformation mean and how do we do it? As you said, the actual spiritual movements (new-age and co) are purposefully misleading the masses to make sure we do not transform. So what is left? The solution is inside, when we find it, we just know that’s it. No more questions, no need of explanation, proof or tangible outcome. All we need then is some PEP: Patience, Endurance and Perseverance.

  2. Gary Adams says:

    I would like to say thank you. I wish I could write my thoughts as do so well. At this age , 76, at last free with the learned recently of no judgements, no beliefs, no opinions and no fears. I do attempt to say yes to most everything. At last the joy of life is entering as I can feel it.