True Prosperity: Becoming an employee of the Universe

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  1. says:

    On a lighter note (some might say darker): No way could RNA, mtDNA or DNA – a code for building proteins that must have a very strict sequence of amino acids – have been spontaneously assembled by a mainstream-alleged non-intelligent entity known as Nature, regardless of how much time there was available. Which came first – chicken or egg? Creating and building a code requires serious planning. Ergo there is super-intelligence in the Universe and an universal information stream emanating from somewhere which can update DNA. This invalidates Darwin’s hogwash (one specie cannot evolve into another by non-intelligent natural selection – what changes the DNA? The probability of many random beneficial changes occurring simultaneously or in incremental steps by accident is statistically impossible) and kicks Herr Professor Dick Dawkins (methinks he protesteth too much) into touch.

    Ponder this: If the Universe is eternal then a DNA package will be assembled that is exactly the same as the package I was born with. I will occur time and again on this planet or, if DNA is ubiquitous, on any other hospitable one. And so will you. This is not a high probability. It is inevitable.

    So, see you around, guys and gals. Now and again. Forever.

    1. warbaby says:

      I knew at a very early age I have been here before and will be again.

  2. Thank you Colin for this truly inspiring article, great.
    I can very much relate to the struggle you went through during the time of transition into loving what you do, it takes a good amount of courage… and the question of fear versus love seems to appear again and again from my experience.

    And if you’re interested in what I do to support people on their journey then please check my web-site.

    Many Greetings and Spirals of Light

  3. marta says:

    Thank you,Colin.Truly deeply thank you for writing this.
    I too once left my work, traveled far to search for meaning. Traveled far physically but probably even further inwardly.Broke down, felt I reached the dead end.And then…after several years and thousands of miles and a child in my arms I finally get it.Yes yes yes,do what you LOVE, do not give up into fear of not having enough. It will be provided as long as you a true to yourself.You are so right:the Universe will not pay if you do not work!!And I just wish we always find that we are not alone at the times we need to find.Just as your article resembles my exact thoughts today.Thank you so much.

  4. Carys says:

    Thank you for this beautiful, heartfelt piece full of hard-earned wisdom. You’re right, our programming goes deep and it can take courage to let go of it and trust in something much greater. We have been blinded to the truth but isn’t it heartening that we need not go searching for the solution “out there”? As you say, all good and abundance is ours already. It always was and always will be. 🙂