The United Nations Never United Nations

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  1. Abram says:

    The Palestinian State existed before it’s partition, nor Balfour’s Declaration nor U.N.’s Charter could legally destroy this statehood ! It existed before the existence of Israel !
    The over forty/sixty years’ of persistent Veto of USA about the legal rights proclaimed by The Palestinian State Authorities’ legal demands are open violation of The Charter of U.N. ! Since this veto power was never meant to mean systematic refusal of obvious demands and status of any people demanding only the respect of international laws accepted by U.N. Charter since 1946 and other older accepted International laws since 1918 or older ones in power, or refusal of adherence of any nation, people or states to U.N. Charter ! The U.S.A. and Israel are illegally barring Palestine from U.N. in order to continue the Genocide of The Palestinians and conquest of all Palestine, which is an obvious Colonialist-Apartheid policy condemned by T.P.P.P. (Tribunal of People’s Permanent Power ) and other people’s Tribunal recently in S. Africa and by all 99% percent majority of other members in U.N. consistently vetoed or abused by veto power of USA !
    The Palestinian State has always existed since 1920’s and can gather petition of 99% members to over-rule the illegal persistent veto abused by USA and Israel since 1967 !