The Plum Island Conspiracy

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  1. NSG says:

    Watch the movie “Thrive”
    All the lies and control for eons in just over 2 hours. Says it all!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. admin says:

    The Thrive movie says a lot of truth and thus is worth watching, but VERY attentively! Because it uses truth to sell a lie, just like Zeitgeist Addendum. I’d call it ‘Zeitgeist Addendum Reloaded’. As Mike Rivero of put it,
    “The Thrive movie has big advertising. Big names. Big message. Big budget…and it has big disinformation mixed with truth. Watch the trailer…and get sucked right into yet another hijacking of the activist movement by the ruling crime families.”

  3. stevew says:

    As a Lyme sufferer myself I would recommend all to read the book Lab 257. It gives a great insite into the Lyme disease story. Including the research to enable ticks to carry multiple infections. I myself have Lyme, bartonella, babesia and ehrlichia.