The Large Hadron Collider (LHC): a “doorway” to the New World Order?

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  1. Adeline Horst says:

    This relates to NASA’s Project Bluebeam transcript by Serge Monast to manifest the one world government/religion.

  2. admin says:

    I bet you’re right, Adeline! Yesterday it was so funny to see on TV all those scientists enjoying their new $8 billion toy. At least some of them soon will understand what the LHC was **really** built for. HAARP, chemtrails, Bluebeam, LHC – seem to be parts of the same Super Project…

  3. Mr X says:

    There is a long history of black budget projects within the shadow government, and if you only took 5% of inventions out due to ‘national security’ reasons our exponential technological scale is already beyond our imagination. More than likely I feel this collider is a technology that taps into the quantumn realm and either manipulates the fabric of space/time or some other ‘impossible’ thing. Its so big that they needed a public cover story and this thing does the opp of an a-bomb turning energy into mass, so perhaps they are attempting to turn energy into matter or devise a weapon the opp of the a-bomb?

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  5. Free at last says:

    By the looks of this Mayan image taken from one of their Pyramids, it looks like the Hadron Collider in Cern could have more uses than we believe. Seem like the Mayans used it as some kind of portal or gateway to the stars and Gods.

    The cosmic SAP the Mayans refer to could stand for: SUB ATOMIC PARTICLES.

    Look at the image and you provide feedback. Seems like stargate may not just be science fiction after all.

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  7. thirteen says:

    Is anyone here familiar with the Van Allen Belt that surrounds our planet? I read an article (conspiracy theory article) that stated the LHC was in fact a machine that will be used to alter the Van Allen Belt, allowing “objects” to enter or leave Earth at will.

    Supposedly (I have only read one article on this topic) the Van Allen Belt is aprox. 1000 miles above the Earth’s surface, and is pretty much this field of high radioactivity and electrodynamic shit. This is the reason why there was ONLY ONE manned space mission that travelled beyond Earth’s orbit, because it is very lethal for any living being to travel through the Van Allen Belt!

    …If the Moon Mission ever actually took place in the first place. I personally believe that it did take place, but due to this field surrounding Earth, NASA and other space agencies have yet to come across a way to get through it without fucking up the carbon based life on board (the astronauts, plants, etc). Have you ever noticed that there is also ONLY ONE SINGLE picture of Earth from beyong orbit, taken from the moon landing?

    Anyway, supposedly the LHC is capable of disrupting the Van Allen Belt, making a “hole” so ships could travel through it without any issues (does HAARP ring a bell?)

    So in 2012 when that 12th planet (Niburu?) crosses Earth’s orbit, all the Annunaki fuckers will be able to come down and breed with our women! And do all of thier crazy shit that is portrayed in ancient Summerian, Babylonian, etc. texts and tablets.

    Try youtubing LHC, or Satan’s Doorway to find out more about this. Although I got tired of writing this about 4 paragraphs ago, nonetheless the idea that something big is going on that we don’t have any clue about is quite interesting.

    Government conspiracies take place all the time, and have since the beginning of any government system, there is no such things as perfect democracy. For example, the term “public relations” which is still the backbone of most large corporations and government in terms of exploiting consumers is still going on today, and was originally coined by Sigmund Freud’s nephew, Alfred Bernaise. The idea here was that propaganda could be used in peacetime to sway public decision. Ever wonder why so many of your friends are so concerned with having that new model of the same cell phone, that red Volcom sweater or peacoat that is a “must for this season”. Look all around you, our fucking world is brain washed, and were all to blaim for letting it happen!

    Peace out, until 2012, take care.

  8. admin says:

    Hi thireen,

    Thank you for your very interesting comment. You may be right about the Van Allen Belt and 2012, but I’m afraid we’ll hear about the LHC as part of HAARP-Bluebeam-NWO project much earlier than that. The Collider seems to be really broken. But NOT its Computing Grid…

  9. Mental says:

    Still I wonder what role we (humans) will play in this crap, my thought is that – those who are in charge of it.. just want to escape or leave our earth and be on their way to pollute another planet or perhaps travel back home. So we could be just like a useless garbage, left on a dying (of cataclysmic events) planet, or.. I dont know what else honestly.

  10. admin says:

    Oh, there’s much more to it! 😉 Firstly, contrary to men and women, there are more than only “humans” and “non-humans” on this planet. Of all human-looking “folks”, only nearly 27 percent are native terrestrials, others (over 200 “species”) are look-alikes. Don’t hurry to call them ET’s, though! Most probably they were here long before humans. So it’s a big question who are aliens here 😉
    Worse: what is “here” if space is illusion? And what is “before” if linear time is not simply relative but most probably doesn’t exist at all? … Sorry for only adding more questions. We and the Universe are Infinite Consciousness, so more or less definite answers are impossible anyway, “by definition”. The Truth is in the questions! 😉

  11. i agree wit the admin dude. we ARE infinite consciousness but its out duty to change things.

    Thirteen – man…just cuz u get a theory about sumthing or read one…especialy one on youtube doesnt mean thats whats gonna happen.

    The earth is at a changing point and we have polluted it to the point wher it must be cleansed, if we do not change then we and the earth will die, the cataclysmic effects wich are yet to come are nuthing but “the great flood” all over again but it may not be just a flood, with our magnetic field being open and the suns energy getting in. How humans will survive…or at least what ever we think we are i do not know but 1 thing is for for certain – this event or events before will cause a shift in the human consciousness allowing us to change and evolve into higher beings, we must not giv in to te NWO, the V-Chip or any technology wich can further bring us down and be must go back to our roots, back to the fileds and forests wher we came from, back to the simple life wher there was nothing but love and peace.

  12. Xlivescom says:

    this is a link to video I made, that points out the symbology contained within cern`s logo,

    A lot of interesting comment on this enlightening article, peace