The European Union – the New Soviet Union?

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  1. G. DelVecchio says:

    The same thing, to a somewhat lesser degree, is happening in the United States. The uncontrolled immigration of tens of millions of undocumented people, mostly from Mexico, is creating enormous ethnic tensions, and the move to overtly combine Canada, the United States and Mexico, while declared officially “dead,” is merely sleeping, awaiting a more opportune time. The controlled U.S. media does not report the truth to the people about any of this. There is endemic corruption in Congress, and it has become a rubber-stamp for the Executive Branch, as has the Judicial Branch. the Department of Homeland Security, like Europol, has sweeping powers, nearly all unconstitutional, and is accruing more and more powers almost daily. The “gulag” of political correctness is very strong, and is acquiring the force of law. The powers of individual states has been almost totally usurped by the federal government. The political liberty of ordinary Americans is being curtailed more and more, and we are being subjected to egregious violations of privacy through state surveillance. Moreover, very similar things are happening in virtually all of the “developed” world, though the “underdeveloped world” have seen most of them for a long time. We are seeing, I believe, the emergence of a global totalitarian state modelled on Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia, but with far more power and technology at its disposal. All that remains for the full emergence of this state is for the economic and military power of the superpowers, the United States, Russia and China, to be destroyed. That appears to be the goal of the current move toward war between these three superpowers.

  2. Marigold says:

    People power s equivelent to an atomic bomb. People can do this peacefully and not pay taxe on mass, march on mass and be a real community. It is strange that people can unite when their goverments say war and declare an enemy, support a war and the killing of innocents, but, they can’t unite for their freedom and democracy. They have too or as the saying goes: You don’t realise what you had until it is gone.

  3. admin says:

    The saying says right, Marigold. It would not be too wrong either to realise who we are before we’re gone. If some realise it, then many can too! 😉

  4. Guru says:

    It isn’t to surprising that[American banker David] Rockefeller,was involved,follow his history,having education in “Social Democracy”,trace his history via his foundations he operates.Every problem that can be created from outside influences he is in the center of.

  5. admin says:

    Dear J. Flor, the problem is that it’s going to be based on “some kind” of fascism. In fact, it already is

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