The Date is Set for the Greek Default: March 23rd

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  1. OLive says:

    Here in Crete, Greece, the herd are being influenced by the artificial drama called debt and the fantasy called money.
    Rest assured, part of the globalists’ plan is to pull the rug out from under humanity by making money disappear, which they believe will lead to absolute chaos, the chaos in which they will form their new world order from the “truth” movement in all its shades and colours which THEY have created and shape.
    The analogous situation can be sought in history, the faux communist revolution funded by the international banking bloodlines being a good starting point.
    Did the revolutionary peasants understand the lie they were fulfilling?
    Do “truthers”?
    Check the blog for more on this curious idea……
    Beware of deceivers!
    Olive xxx

  2. admin says:

    Hi OLive,
    I see what you mean, and can only agree with you 🙂 ALL ‘movements’ serve the Rothschild/Illuminati agenda, because they are based on division: ‘guide’ – ‘followers’, ‘guru’ – ‘pupils’ … ‘shepherd’ – ‘sheep’. The moment a ‘truther’ joins a ‘truth movement’, he is lost for the Truth.

    The battlefield is inside!