The Collapse of Europe

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  1. I have never been able to accept human or animal suffering as a normal condition of our collective existence yet that seems to be the prevailing orthodoxy.
    For myself this is a strong indication that we are separated from our source, or collective will, to look after each other to the best of our abilities and according to our means.
    We as thinking individuals have been craftily taught by the Elite to despise the collective so that we will NEVER rise up en mass to challenge their rule.
    This has to change. We as a human race must unite and refuse to fight the wars of the Elites who pay with our blood, not theirs.
    We must refuse to allow filthy and radioactive technologies to take our planet to the edge of destruction and then push it over.
    We must stop looking for a savior and recognize that the internet and the www may be our only hope of uniting us against the very entities who like to co-opt these technologies and bend their purposes to nefarious ends.
    Then we can start to deal with the other, seemingly intractable, problems like poverty, homelessness, slavery, child abuse, free energy, and sustainable populations, just to name some off the top of my head. At the moment just about all our planetary resources are used for war or the preparation for it. We have created a monster that must be evaporated so as not to cause any more destruction to the planet or it’s inhabitants.
    It may sound fanciful but I can’t see any other alternative.