The 13 Most Evil US Government Human Experiments

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  1. DarkStarAz says:

    Sure you can list all the eeeevils of a single country but I’m sure this has gone on all over this falle world…

  2. vickie kaye says:

    Because other countries have done similar things that makes this all right?

  3. admin says:

    No champions here, folks. ALL governments are doing such atrocities. It’s just a question of money and secrecy. There are two countries where they’re doing it even more and longer than in the U.S.: Russia and China. Because there they can conduct this kind of experiments at large scale so that nobody will ever know – they just declare corresponding areas “military” or “contaminated” (with all the people living inside). There is a huge such area in West Siberia, right behind the Ural Mountains, you’ll never read about. In the 1950-1960s, the USSR had tested there the effects of nuclear weapons on thousands of unknowing people. The access to the area is still banned even for Russian journalists, and the habitants cannot leave.

  4. John Anderson says:

    You may be right about China and Russia, but “ALL governments” certainly do not participate in such atrocities.

  5. The Last King says:

    Now sing it with me…”America, Americaaa…”

  6. JAG_ACE says:

    all governments have secret black opp type of experiments. dont be daft and gullible mate.

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  8. James Bond says:

    There is no evidence that all governments indulge in such experiments. Even the Chinese don’t make chemtrails or put fluoride in water. The crazy experiments are the product of the uniquely sick minds of the rulers of the west. Jewish Names like Sidney Gottlieb come to mind.

  9. Aileena says:

    That is why this country is being targeted by foreign terrorists. I will celebrate the day when they destroy the White House and every other government building in DC. They are a bunch of evil white SOBs! Everything that the white race has, they stole, they even stole me!

  10. LeDoctor17 says:

    Thank you for the list of information. I’m writing a paper on medical experiments by the US government and this list has been a very useful resource.

    1. admin says:

      There is an even better resource here: