The Ten Percent Factor

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  1. Rhiame says:

    A great deal of confusion has been purposefully spread through religion and spirituality regarding the nature of our soul. The soul in its essence is invincible, indestructible and immortal. No one can destroy it. That’s the real threat to our “masters/controllers”, that’s why they put so much energy in destroying our body-mind instead in order to keep us under their control.

    They cannot destroy our soul since the soul vibrates at a different frequency than that of the world of illusion we (and they) are living in right now. Our soul is out of their reach, they cannot act on it but they can act on our body-mind – the part of us that still vibrates within the same frequency range as long as it’s not connected to our soul.

    They also know that if a single individual on planet Earth succeed in connecting to his soul and make the full fusion body-soul-spirit, they will lose control over humanity and they will disappear (since they feed on our vital energy). If one individual succeed in making this fusion, then all humans will be able to do it, and faster than they will be able to contain the ‘spreading’. Since it’s vibrational, it will spread pandemically as we are all connected.

    The real deal for them is to prevent at all cost that human beings connect to their individual souls, and confusion on the definition of words is one of the tool they use to postpone this fusion as long as they can. So far, religions and spiritualities have done a great job at maintaining the confusion!

    Our exit door to this hell-on-earth, to this Orwellian reality, is to put all our efforts in connecting to our soul in order to make the fusion with our body. Once the soul takes over our body, then the body will vibrate at the same frequency than that of the soul, which is out of ‘their’ range of control. But in order to do so, we need to know what the soul really is. Some people have worked on this subject and tried to clarify a little bit the confusion. You might find some answers here: