Racist Logic: Put Others Down to Feel Adequate

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  1. Jim says:

    The white race is being genocided, and I think you need to excuse some white people if their anger against that situation is misdirected and crude.
    Have some compassion. Its hard seeing your entire race wiped out bit by bit. It takes time to adjust to the new brown standard.
    Also the smugness of the Jews with all their lies is quite galling to people who know the truth.
    Stop being so high and mighty. Its easy to see that you are a know-it-all liberal because there are so many insults in your “article”, and no facts.

  2. Jim says:

    OTOH you may be right about the NWO being behind all the hate. It helps their cause.

    But don’t they really want us to love each other and race-mix into a big brown mass that’s too dumb to ever resist?

    Which is it? A bit of both I think. Either way whitey is finished.

    Look up “Practical Idealism”. That’s the plan – a big brown mass of workers with the beautifully preserved elite at the top. In the PI book it says Jews will be the elite, but that’s antisemitic so we’ll just pretend it was a typo, OK?

  3. Mike says:

    The white race is being genocided? By whom? Give me a break, lol, anyways Jim is another example of the ignorance racial consciousnes has spawned. Any sane person would realize that race is a fiction, mother nature works through diversity, jim should pay attention to how God works and stop crying about what his own ‘race’ has inflicted upon his mind and his perception of the world. If the truth is to be told ‘white’ people have been the bane of the world. From slavery to endless wars to polluting the environment to creating a population of mindless idiots, the list goes on and on. However, i am not a racist and i realize it is evil people to be blamed not white people.

    Btw, don’t confuse jews and zionists, they are not the same dumbass, do some research before you start spewing hate.

  4. admin says:

    Thank you Mike! I wanted to reply to Jim’s first comment, but the second was already a little better. Hoped his third “take” would be much better. 😉 But no… His “stop being so high and mighty” perfectly confirms the article’s title: “Put others down to feel adequate” 😉

    BTW, Mike. Your comment tells me that you’ll like the new magazine – The Dot Connector: https://www.thedotconnector.org/. Issues 1 and 2 are in PDF and free (second issue will be out on March 15), but then we’ll pass to printed editions by subscription, sorry.

    Love and Truth,

  5. A Patriot says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how a certain group of 6 million dead from WW2 are ALWAYS dragged up when needed. Do any of you know how many Russians died? 25 million. That doesn’t count the Americans, Italians, French, Dutch, Belgian, German, British, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Korean…. the list is too long to recite. OK? Yes Hitler had a thing for “purifying the race”. Most of us know that he stated in his book, “My Struggle” that he learned his eugenics dogma from the Americans and British. So who is responsible for killing the untold MILLIONS? It blows my mind how a small percentage of the dead from WW2 are always dug up and dragged around like they were the ONLY ones persecuted. WAKE UP!!

  6. A Patriot says:

    Many Jews are from eastern europe. The majority of them are caucasian. The last time I checked, Jewish is not a so called race. There are white, black, brown, and asian Jews. IT’S NOT A RACE!!!!

  7. Jag says:

    There is no such thing as human races. There is only one human race. We are all one.

  8. ugk says:

    white supremacists are the biggest cancer to the truth movement. Jeff Rense has gone rotten with racism. He even provided links to Neo Nazi websites.
    Pardon me but parroting on about how the ‘white race is being exterminated’ is just pure bull. Especially considering that AIDS was released in Africa and it kills millions of blacks every year. The native americans and aboriginal australians have almost been wiped out completely.
    How is the white race being exterminated? There are a few whites who interbreed with other people. Is that Genocide? This is complete crap.