No, anti-Zionism is not anti-semitism

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  1. barbh says:

    Wonderful article. Racism is a brilliant device to keep us from getting together. There are decent people within all the races and they are waking up to the truth. Here’s a really nice video I saw on IDF soldiers speaking out:

  2. James says:

    Being Anti anything is empowering the thing we are anti: anti-war creates more war, let us be pro-peace; anti-drugs, let us be pro health; anti-zionism, let us be pro freedom or whatever.

  3. Jim says:

    If Racism helps the NWO so much, then why do they encourage so much race-mixing?

  4. admin says:

    Nothing helps the NWO better than our nasty habit to look for answers OUTside, instead of INside ourselves. You’ve asked a good question, Jim. So? What is YOUR answer?

  5. DeWayne says:

    It is incorrect to imply or associate secular Zionism with Biblical Judaic or Jewish people.

    Jewish are neither a race or nationalistic people, but are believer’s and the chosen people of G_d.

    Why secular people’s around the world continue to confuse Zionism with Judaism is because of ignorance and secular brainwashing.

    What I am encouraging is that people stop allowing secular Zionist’s legitimizing their Palestinian crimes by claiming God ordained permission.

    Please separate properly Jewish obedient to G_d and Torah from secular and unbelieving Zionist political policies.

  6. Net says:

    I am Jewish and Radically Anti ZIONIST, My main argument on Zionism is very simple, not every Ancient Israeli is Jewish and not every Jew is Ancient Israeli. Just as not every Greek is Christian and not every Christian is Greek. Not every Arab is Muslim and not every Muslim is Arab. Knowing this I have problems with many post-Zionist claims and I wish that more Secular and Religious Jews and non jews would hold this TO BE THE FACTS, because that’s what it is FACT.

  7. Antisemita_Max says:

    Every Arab is a Semite, but every Jew is not a Semite. Israel is anitisemita as murder Semitic Arabs.