Myths and Fairy Tales About Consciousness

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  1. Graydon says:

    I’ll have to disagree. Consciousness is fully explainable and even if we do not understand all the variables and factors that cause it to emerge from the meat of our brain it does not mean that it cannot be understood after further research. Holding that there is something non-material to consciousness just doesn’t follow.Our brain, without any designed input from us has developed as an information processing tool to assist with our navigation of this environment we live in. We never chose to be conscious we just developed it as a lens to process information.

    It is my belief that consciousness is merely is a byproduct of these automatic functions. We are ignorant of all the causes of consciousness but to assume it’s somehow non-material seems absurd given our current understanding of neuroscience.

    Why is consciousness non-material? Everything else observable and useful to us as humans is material. Are we simple restating the same tired concept of mind body dualism?

    While I have not developed this idea much and it remains merely an unfounded opinion I believe that we are currently too limited in our understanding of brain science to appreciate consciousness. Our instinct to refer to something within our minds as non-material is just the return to “I have a soul” and “there is something special about my thoughts”.