Morgellons Disease Linked to GM Crops and Food

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  1. Frank G says:

    Thank you for your informative piece on morgellons. If anybody needs help look at morgellons

  2. emper says:

    I still don’t know what to believe when reading about morgellons.

    A lot of things seem to be rumors or too strange to believe.

    One site I found that also links to research institutions dealing with morgellons is

    The link to genetics and nanotechnology is not covered there, however.

  3. julie cane says:

    Dr. Staninger is the only one who knows what this is. Her main treatment for getting out the fibers which are made of plastic is by using her recommended far infrared saunas and her supplements. For anyone interested in finding out more about her protocol can find it here:

  4. Terri says:

    I’m sure everyone who doesnt suffer from this hell isnt going to believe it until they get it. It’s only a matter of time.
    I, on the other hand am one of those poor sots who were told “stop picking and you wont have sores” by regular doctors and by so called dermatologist. I wanted to rip one open and rub it all over their faces. So, they sent me home delusional. Am I contagious with these sores that appear on their own and open and bleed? I look like a leper. Nah, cant be-they’re not real. Now, how about a big hug???? Can they have a bug on them and not pick it off? A fiber/bug on your lip, and just leave it??? I didnt think so. I’ll take that hug now, docs. Oh by the way, guess what I picked up in your office and rubbed all over these sores that dont exist.