Mind Control, Collectivism, and the Stealth Gods

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  1. Tamara says:

    The priest at the end admitted to his corruption. You can ALWAYS speak to the Higher Power, once you let someone in between as the only determiner of the Higher Power’s will, you can be led astray. He is a detriment to the people he calls his flock… he says they need to be given a voice…. people, find your own voice screw the leaders who look upon you in such a denigrating manner! Screw that priest! Find god, or whatever your higher power is, through your own searching… and if you don’t believe in a higher power, fine… then determine things for yourself, you are your voice either way! Don’t let others determine your path or your reality. Or obviously you will get used by jackasses like that priest!

    1. Rhiame says:

      Yes, finding our own voice or our own truth is the way to go but it can be scary for most people because it tapes into our old genetic programs of “fear of being rejected by the flock”. Having your own voice means to be unique and by extension to be different from the rest of the group. We, humans, claim to be different from animals but we react exactly as such. In herd animals, all members have to be conformed to the “rules” of the clan otherwise it can represent a threat to the survival of the herd. In herd animals, the group represents strength and security. Indeed, an animal isolated from his clan is the prey of the predators: it is condemned to die. That’s these old animal memories that we still have in our human cells and the elite know very well how to reinforce it (starting at school) and play with it. The first stick to bring 95% of the sheep back to the sheepfold is that of “exclusion” by denigrating, ridiculing, discrediting people as they magnificently do through the media. Nothing new in the horizon of mass control – they just have to activate our basic animal fears and the trick is done: it triggers an automatic Action-Reaction effect. The only solution is to get out of our animal fears – and in the case of finding our own voice or truth, we must heal our fear of exclusion, in other word, our fear of being alone. We have to remember that if we have access to the out-of-the-box information today it is thanks to those people who have dared to take a stand at the price of being ridiculed and discredited. And yet, even though they have been excluded from the “politically correct” arena, they have been widely welcome by the hidden seekers of truth. That tells us that exclusion is just an illusion in the world of truth.