Lisbon Treaty: Disagree, and You’re Dead

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  1. Erwin Alber says:

    This article confirms that the EU is an utterly evil creation by the same people (or the same group of people) who organised and financed both world wars and other world conflicts. It’s another step in their agenda of world domination.

    The creation of the North-American Union is next on their list, along with the Asia Pacific bloc.

    Download and watch the video “The Real Face of the European Union”.

  2. admin says:

    Thank you Erwin! I have linked the video title in your comment to Google Video. It’s really worth it to watch!!

  3. JamesS says:

    After reading this article I will definitely vote no in the upcoming 2nd referendum here in Ireland. Due to the economic crisis we need money from the EU to keep our economy going, but if we vote no we probaly won’t recieve any more loans. That’s the fear of our hopeless government and many people will take that into account when voting.

  4. admin says:

    Dear James, you have made the only right decision! And those who will take into account the fears of their hopeless government, corrupt as any other, will make a big mistake: they won’t see a penny of those loans but will still have to pay them back!

  5. Sweet Pea says:

    Please tell as many people as you can – and particularly the media and politicians.
    I have always maintained that politicians had no idea what they were signing us up to. Very few people know about the re-introduction of the death penalty. Those that do know must do everything they possibly can to inform others – especially before the European elections next month!

  6. Heinz says:

    I am actually German and I read all the articles of Professor Schachtschneider and it is true. Schachtschneider is a professor for law studies at University Erlangen in Germany. He is has a very high reputation on this field. This guy knows what he is talking about. Actually he put the Lisbon treaty on trial at the highest court of Germany already two years ago due to another discrepancy – and won. Then they had to revise it etc. On the new Lisbon treaty they have only done some superficial cosmetics and renamed it from Lisbon declaration to Lisbon treaty in order to deceive the people. But Schachtschneider is not dumb and he sues them a 2nd time.