Let Go Of The Baggage – Or Go Down With The Ship

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  1. Rhiame says:

    The title of the article caught my attention. The metaphor with Titanic is well chosen to describe our next step in our human evolution. Disengage! But I am not sure that most people understand what it means to disengage from the old systems as a whole.

    It is nice to leave the city for a more remote area, to reconnect with natural elements, eat healthier. It helps. But then, disengaging also means to stop doing business with the banks; stop using legal monies; stop our collaboration with the governments through taxes; stop using services provided by the state; stop investing in funds and stock markets; stop buying in multinationals; stop working for corporations; And the ultimate step, stop being a citizen!

    The whole system – and I insist on WHOLE, meaning 100% – is sinking. There is nothing that can stop it from that at this point. Humanity is on the brink to a drastic shift, moving towards the creation of a new being, in other world, of a new reality. That’s why the “old” needs to disappear for the new to emerge. If I cling onto the old system, the old way of doing, the old way of thinking, whether completely or partially, I am following the ship into the abyss.

    The letting go of the whole is what is difficult, but some people are doing it and it’s possible. Some of them share their experience and discoveries to assist others in doing the same. What emerges from this process is TRUE freedom.