Why the Law of Attraction fails

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  1. Rhiame says:

    Thank you for this nice reminder regarding the Laws of Attraction, Intention and so forth. I’d like to add a comment though to clarify certain aspects. What part of me wants or does not want something, divides things into positive and negative, searches for pleasures, and runs away from displeasures? The ego, our inner control-freak persona that is always afraid and believes in death. This is this character in us that is seduced by the Law of Attraction and wants to believe in it because it wants to insure its physical survival through tangible means.

    On the soul level, there is no positive or negative experiences since the soul cares only about the process and not the result — the being over the having. The soul is not locked in the survival program; it is immortal and invincible. Why does the Law of Attraction sometimes work and often does not? Because no matter how hard we try, in the end, it is never the ego that decides on the course of our life, it’s always the soul.

    And the soul will bring only situations that are relevant to the evolution of our consciousness. If it’s through having a dream house or car, then that’s what will come to us and that’s when the Law of Attraction will ‘work’ — when the soul’s intention and the ego are aiming in the same direction.

    Once we understand this basic principle, then it’s better to be on the side of the winner, it will make things much easier, instead of constantly fighting in vain. The fight slows us down in our evolution, drains us from our energy and makes us die faster.

    Each time we resist, that we try to thwart the soul process because the ego wants to stay in control, situations keeps coming back again and again, a little bit stronger each time, until we have no other choice than to address the situation with awareness. It’s our resistance to our soul’s decision that creates suffering, which will make us say that this situation is negative.

    If we decide to not let our ego control our life and to surrender to our soul’s will, then none of the situations are perceived as negative or positive: they all appear as perfect!

    Read more on how to identify the ego and the soul and how to make the transfer of power from ego to soul here: https://personocracy.wordpress.com/2014/01/14/soul-or-ego-talking/