Illusory Money and the Economic System Construct

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  1. Rhiame says:

    I really appreciate this article because it remind us what the crucial element behind the money institution is: it’s not money in itself that they crave but the energy that it carries. As long as we are not aware of this factor, we cannot understand why these people (Illuminati / entities) keep on accumulating ad infinitum money that they cannot even spend.

    As mentionned, money is indeed just an energy carrier, a conduct similar to a straw that feed the ‘controllers’ of the planet. Money is just another means amongst many others to get vital energy out of unconscious humans. [read Beings From The Subtle Worlds and Human Vampirism]. Without this vital energy that we produce through our emotions (positive and negative, although there is not such a thing as positive or negative emotion) they die. This endless accumulation of energy guarantees them a prolonged life, their attempt to reach immortality to the detriment of other beings. Behind their relentless perseverance in sucking energy from us is hiding their most dreadful fear: the fear of death.

    Now that we become aware of these facts, the way the monetary system was created and its fundamental purpose, what are we going to do concretely? Are we going to continue feeding them and make them grow stronger by continuing using their “feeding tools” or are we going to stop using their means of controlling us and depleting us energetically?

    A simple solution exists to stop this mess and their illusionary domination over humanity. It does not cost anything; it does not require any massive organization, nor demonstrations nor governmental restructuring. The solution is there, within reach to all of us as individuals. How come it does not manifest at a larger scale? [Read the rest here: ]