I Am

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  1. KAYD says:

    nice article …
    we are not our name..yet we are attached to it …that is the trick.
    the name is a registered trust , owned by the govt ..
    the holder of the birth certificate is the guardian of that name (govt account) ..
    so if we do not own the name …guess what , we do not own anything held in that name ..we are only administrators/executors..of the assets of that public trust ..and that goes for the income ..
    that is not ours ..it is public property ..
    ..we are given a choice to use it as trustees ..we deposit into a bank to discharge bills coming in the name …
    we dont realise we have another choice ..to deposit with the public treasury ..and thereby reduce the debt ..
    by depositing in a bank we use it for consumption ( origin of word means waste.ie waste of public credit) instead of reducing debt ..
    this gets fractionalised and fuels even more debt ..
    income tax is the minimum on the credit card bill of the nation ..we havent yet learned to pay the principle ..and obtain remedy from the public treasury instead of usign private banks for remedy..