Humans Are Not Yet Ready For Free Energy

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  1. dfnj says:

    One hundred years ago, people said fossil fuel would solve all our problems. Twenty years ago people said the Internet would solve all our problems. Now people are saying LENR will solve all our problems. I think if humanity is going to make any progress at all we need to evolve our psychological mindsets.

    What difference does any technological revolution make if the end result is always the same? Things are worse now than they were before the Internet and fossil fuel. Everyone complains about the government. Everyone thinks government is the problem. Capitalism, communism, co-op, or whatever “ism” you want to try. At some point, whichever system you use, everything will work great until someone starts messing around with the metaphysics of the “ism”. If the bankers want to destroy their own currencies nothing will stop them!

    Here’s the problem with the governments of the world. It has nothing to do with the “system”. All the world’s problems have to do with people in power. The problem with power is it makes the people in power have contempt for the people under their influence. There is a point where the power-holder no longer respects the humanity (either out of fear or pity) of their subordinates. Something clicks inside the power-holder’s head and the power-holder no longer sees their subordinates as human beings but as sub-human animals. The golden rule no longer applies and “insects” are squashed in response to psychopathic emotions.

    The power-holder rationalizes their own behavior based on the idea that the sub-human scum are not deserving of any respect or human decency. Any respect given at all would mean the power-holder is no longer in power. This cycle of contempt by the power-holders gets repeated over and over again at every level of society. I pity the power-holders because the pressure created by having the responsibilities combined with all the fears of not being successful, that is, losing their position of power, is proven to be overwhelming.

    If humanity is going to make any progress, at some point we need to create new tactics to influence our leaders and people in positions of authority. We will need new tactics that will ease our leaders’ fears. These new tactics will have to be very subtle. The tactics would have to be so subtle that they would not create any additional fear-reaction in the power-holder. We need new tactics that will influence our leaders to never stop loving and respecting humanity. Otherwise, we will continue to see false-flag terrorist attacks in order to preserve the status-quo. Or some other type of extreme heinous attack against humanity.

    I hope and pray LENR is a great and long lasting technological revolution. But my inner sense is telling me if fossil fuel or the Internet could not make any progress how could LENR make any difference. People love to hurt people. It’s in our human nature. Fear is too powerful and overwhelming.

    Will technology ever make any real progress in the World?

    Try to imagine a World where each person in it is treated like a priceless piece of fine art. In such a World, we would not need LENR. I want to believe in Rossi. Maybe if I just tap my heels together three times everything would be right. I want to have hope for the future, but not today.

  2. sid mcgoo says:

    what happens when we unleash free energy?
    answer: we eliminate money

  3. admin says:

    We eliminate ourselves, Sid. (Money too 😉 )

  4. jay says:

    Over-population is a myth, raising the standard of living causes fertility rates and population to stabilise.

    The best way to lift the world out-of poverty and stabilise population would be ‘free-energy’, thereby decimating your unfounded claim.

  5. Rob says:

    Interesting premise, also dfnj’s argument makes good point. the unleashing of free energy would eliminate the “power Holders” ie. Illuminati, Zionist control freaks, and other powerful secret society’s that continues to have a strangle hold on humanity’s destiny. The removal of humanity’s control freaks would would release humanity (untethered) to discover true essence of what it is to be human, that is to be loving compassionate spiritual beings. (denial of basic human necessities is a breeding ground that spawns a vicious cycle of inhumane orientation) If humanity was given a chance to develop a culture that promotes and enhances spiritual development and evolution, then other physical/psychological fear based scenarios like overpopulation and environmental destruction would not be issues!

  6. admin says:

    Rob, how do you imagine this “unleashing of free energy”? Who should do it? And who CAN do it? Do you really expect such a generosity from the Rothschilds & the Rockefellers? Do you know that the most important inventions of Nicola Tesla, have been purchased, on behalf of the Rothschilds, by the Rockefellers’ General Electric Corp., and are still hidden from the public? You’re dreaming, man! 😉

  7. Andrew says:

    1: Peak oil is a myth used by TPTB to create artificial scarcity.

    2: Man made global warming is a myth, it’s the sun heating the planet up and all the other planets in the Solar System. We’re not on Mars driving pick up trucks are we(CO2 is a life giving gas. The plant life on this planet absorb it/depend on it). The elite use “GW” as an excuse to push there NWO agenda forward.

    3: As someone else said on here, overpopulation is also a myth for the reasons they already stated.

    4: Humanity is ready for ‘Free Energy’ but the global elite are not. They are the ones who would use it for evil purposes just like every other invention throughout history that they have corrupted. Don’t blame the average joe and stop drinking the cool aid.

  8. Tim says:

    Have you lost your damn mind?

    We were ready 100 years ago. We’re not just ready, we literally NEED this.

    Not ready. Psh. HORSE SHIT!

  9. admin says:

    Tim, if you were ready 100 years ago, why didn’t you have it then, why don’t you have it today? Waiting for somebody to bring it to you plug-and-play?

    Andrew, the elite, the Illuminati, or whatever you call them, DON’T do anything! They are planning, deciding, giving orders, but it’s not them who turn those plans into actions, it’s YOU and that “average Joe”! They don’t fight wars – YOU do it for them! They don’t produce weapons (none of them ever touched a hammer in their life) – YOU work at their plants! They are nothing without you. Don’t lie to yourself thinking you don’t finance war and your own slavery – you do it by paying taxes! So don’t blame those crazy Illuminati for your poor life – it’s YOUR responsibility and nobody else’s. And no, as long as humanity has such an irresponsible, slavish mentality as yours, it isn’t ready for free energy. It’s not going to have it anyway.

  10. Andrew says:

    For you to call me irresponsible and slavish when you do not even know me is just school playground ad hominem attack mentality.

    And of course the TPTB are doing something. The very act of giving an order is doing something isn’t it.

  11. admin says:

    Of course I don’t know you, Andrew. All I know about you is what you’ve expressed in your comment.

    And of course TPTB are “doing something”. In case of a war, the “average Joe” doesn’t make it – TPTB do, and send “average Joe” to fight it. But it’s “average Joe” who readily and thoughtlessly obeys, and it’s “average Joe” who kills and commit other war atrocities. He obeys even though he knows he can die there. Doesn’t he act as a perfect slave?

    And if you still insist that he’s not responsible for what he’s doing by following TPTB orders, then please replace every occurrence of “average Joe” above by YOU.

    Errare humanum est sed persevere diabolicum!

  12. jay says:

    I would say the author is irresponsible for still supporting such a view while not researching the myth of ‘over-population’.

    Due to falling fertility rates the UN has documented that the population will stabilise at 9 billion.

    But it would be better if we used free-energy to stabilise the population more effectively, such a notion refutes the premise of this article and is based on fact rather than doom fantasies originating from eugenics ideologies.

    Ad hom, dismissiveness and ignorance do not constitute a plausible or valid rebuttal.

  13. Janos Abel says:

    War is crime. But how come that it had not been outlawed in 5000 years of perpetration?
    I say it is because the majority of people believe that they need protection from their neighbours.

    Unless the people recognize this as a lie, the war mongers will continue to rule.
    People get the society they deserve.

  14. Janos Abel says:

    The “Most Viewed” and “Most Commented” list is the index of the general “thinking competence” of the here audience.
    Most concentrate on symptoms (admittedly the destructive effects are big); hardly anyone is interested in the underlying hidden-by-ignorance causes to be rooted out.

  15. Janos Abel says:

    We always had free energy: wind, solar radiation, tidal and running hydro. This abundance of energy belongs to all of us.

    But we allow the clever exploiters of human needs to bottle and sell it to us at a price we must pay by owning the means of capturing the free energy.

    For all we know, exotic kinds of “free” energy are just a diversion from making into a common resource these means of capturing conventional free energy.

    What guarantee do we have that these exotic devices will not be also owned by the current exploiters?

    If the wind belongs to everyone how come the current exploiters do not pay a royalty to all of us in return for the right to making their profit?

    “It’s the economy, stupid”