How Will You Be Controlled?

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  1. Kimby Faires says:

    Love this article…as well as your sarcasm and resulting wit. Although I do not know you, you remind me of myself. I too, do quite a bit of writing on this subject and I am impressed with your passion…as well as your obvious knowledge regarding the subject of mind control. I understand (at least partly) why you are so jazzed, angry, inflammatory, whatever….you choose the adjective; however, I think you catch my drift. I rarely, rarely comment in forums such as this but I could not resist. Keep doing what you are doing in regard to “trying” to inform the masses (particular emphasis on “trying”!). Keep doing it, even IF you are constantly mis-labeled as a ‘conspiracy kook,’ or any number of other negative slurs, of which, I am all too familiar with. I believe I have been a victim of mind control since a child….but this is difficult for me to speak about as I don’t know who will really believe me. I have suffered greatly…but with knowledge comes power…and I have been rendered “awake” over the last year and a half due to an inordinate number of, shall we say, rather ‘unfortunate’ situations that have gone ‘beyond the pale.’ I live in San Francisco…not sure where you are; however, if you ever want to compare notes, I would be honored. And…..I would love to hear your personal story…..and I do realize, it IS personal, hence-highly sensitive material that one just doesn’t “throw out” to anyone. Just wanted to make a connection on this early Sunday morning of Sept. 11th, 2011. And….as a side note…..if I hear, or read, one more piece of (forgive my language) bullshit MISinformation or propaganda that our lamestream media has been consistently pumping out, and profiting immensely from, related to the murder of 3000 U.S. citizens 10 years ago….I think my head might explode. Have a great Sunday….and keep up the fight for the truth….the MOST noble of fights, in my ‘humble’ opinion that is;) Warmly, Kimberly (Kimby) Faires