How To Think Clearly

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  1. Ellis says:

    Can’t say how much I agree with this refreshing bit of common sense. Excellent article.

  2. Olive Farmer says:

    The controlling elite that has ensured the distopian false reality as constructed by the main stream media and control of education is the same elite that has driven access to the internet and controls its leading organisations.
    Can we imagine that, owning this source of information, they would allow it to become the instrument of their own demise?
    The internet is not the new voice(s) of a new consciousness called truth. That is simply what you are expected to believe. It is simply another instrument of control, another example of the elite funding its own opposition so as to edge humanity into the chaos we see unfolding around us.
    From that chaos will emerge the New World Order, and this game plan is proceeding swiftly and currently accelerating. More chaos is inevitable this year, the intention to bring abject misery to the entire planet.
    OLive Farmer

  3. maroof says:

    it is really a refresh article .nice agree and appreciate