How to Be Free When You’re Not

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  1. Jacob says:

    This reply is directed to Mr. Morehouse more than to Mr. Coleman. Mr. Morehouse, you may wish to consider something that may eliminate your anger at the state. After reading Larken Rose’s book “The Most Dangerous Superstition,” I realized that the source of my own anger at the state was my mistaken belief that I had some kind of stake in its existence, that it was my duly authorized representative, and that it was brazenly violating its duty to honorably represent me. I was completely wrong. Contrary to the way it represents itself to the public that it claims to serve, the state is not and never has been my representative, and it does not and never has acted as such. Its predations are far worse than those of other criminal gangs, because its criminality includes brainwashing its victims into thinking that its activities are somehow just and proper, that it is “our” state [“our” government] acting on our behalf. It acts on its own behalf. When a minion of the state oppresses you, think of him or her as a dupe acting on behalf of a huge criminal gang. You will then feel no more oppressed than if you were accosted by a gang of hoodlums. The experience is not to be liked, but you won’t harbor feelings of betrayal afterwards because you expect hoodlums to behave as hoodlums. The state betrays us ever day only because we think it is “our” state. It isn’t.