Health Benefits of Smoking Tobacco

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  1. DeadEnd says:

    What about the difference between natural tobacco and additive loaded tobacco? There surely must be a difference.

  2. admin says:

    There is a HUGE difference! But there is another problem – the soil contamination, which is often intentional in the case of tobacco. The governments in many countries force the tobacco cultivators to use highly toxic fertilizers and insecticides. This is one of the reasons pure tobacco cigars are so expensive – chemical-free plantations are hard to find.

  3. Anti-Zionist says:

    I am glad someone (DeadEnd) pointed out natural tobacco. As you can grow your own tobacco, store bought cigarettes aren’t all there is.

  4. admin says:

    Some people grow their own tobacco, but the quality is usually very poor. But there is additive-free tobacco in the stores. At least, I know one in Europe, made in Germany, called Pueblo. It’s even available as cigarettes of the same name – 100% tobacco.


  5. Shyam Mael says:

    An interesting article, which presents some data I’d not come across (and some links I’m going to eagerly chase up. The ‘Some Thoughts For Smokers (and Other Recreational Drug Users)'( has some more interesting information (medical/anthropological/sociopolitical) and reference links concerning tobacco, additives, and anti-smoking legislation, and incidentally also mentions the additive-free types available.

    Knowledge is power, our ignorance is their bliss.

  6. Nancy says:

    Mr. Icke, I am deeply saddened by how many things we in this society self medicate with. But this research is drop dead news. Am I really to believe that Cigs actually aid schizophrenia? Pregnant women? Inflammatory disease, etc? My husband at 38 died of from the agony of lung cancer. Believe me their were no benefits. I have long stopped believing the efficacy of scientific testing when it serves to increase the bottom line of the #1 Industry in America: Cancer. Benjamin Rush signer of the Declaration of Independence and physician to George Washington wanted to have the medical industry written into the constitution to protect us in perpetuity from it. You realize our world would be so different had this been the case. Actually present day we need protection from Big Pharma. The evidence speaks for itself. If all those people who were self medicating in what ever form got out of their trance long enough they would stop giving their power away. Who am I to talk…I eat two handfuls of cashews a day as the effects are the same as taking prozak.
    I confess. I am a cashew junkie!! Love and Light. Light is information. Information is Light. Wayseer:Me.

  7. J.P. Arial says:

    Incidently, I smoke a brand of cigarettes from Germany called ‘Yuma’, which are FAIR TRADE certified IMO, made with ORGANIC TOBACCO! The tobacco is certified organic by the Institute for Marketecology.


    For profit we kill each other, from hit men, to drug companies, to tobacco producers, to medicine that cures nothing and often kills us. It wouldn’t matter if it was the aged, we all die, but it’s the crippling of our species that’s insane. We don’t need the stupid stuff we work for, a flat screen TV, cell phone, Ipad’s, computers, processed food, mortgages, taxes on property, dump government, corporations and grow our own garden, it’s a life. In Voltaire’s book, Candide, Pangloss used now and then
    to say to Candide:
    “Blah, Blah, Blah,” to which Candide said, “Excellently observed, but let us cultivate
    our garden.”
    Ultimatly, all this insane technology will come crashing down, as it must, but it will kill billions before it does, and our species will then attempt to rebuild itself, and it will take generations because the harsh world that will develop will only be survived by the fittest and luckiest, or unluckiest and billions will simple die, so what!