G. Edward Griffin: We Should Not Worry How to Save the System

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  1. Sirius says:

    Ed has been a member and officer of JBS for most of his life. Eustace Mullins had this to say about JBS.

    “The Rockefellers were also active on the ‘right wing’ front through their sponsorship of the John Birch Society. To enable Robert Welch, a 32nd degree Mason, to devote all of his time to the Society, Nelson Rockefeller purchased his family firm, the Welch Candy Company, from him at a handsome price. Welch chose the principal officers of the Society from his acquaintances at the Council on Foreign Relations. For years afterwards, American patriots were puzzled by the consistent inability of the John Birch Society to move forward on any of its well-advertised ‘anti-Communist’ goals. The fact that the Society had been set up at the behest of the backers of the world Communist revolution may have played some role in this development. Other patriots wondered why most American conservative writers, including the present writer, were steadily blacklisted by the Society for some thirty years. Despite thousands of requests from would-be book buyers, the Society refused to review or list any of my books. After several decades of futility, the Society was totally discredited by its own record.” — Eustace Mullins, Murder By Injection, Staunton VA: National Council for Medical Research, 1988: 340-1

    1. admin says:

      It’s a known fact, Sirius. Here’s what G. Edward Griffin himself says about it:

      “I can understand how mention of my association with The John Birch Society may cause some people to raise an eyebrow. The general impression among many is that the Society is an extremist organization made up of kooks, McCarthyites, and racists. So let me jump to the bottom line.

      I am a life member of The John Birch Society and, for several years in the 1960s, served on the Society’s staff as a Major Coordinator and official spokesman. From over forty years of personal contact with its members and leadership, I can say with authority that the Society is an excellent educational organization promoting limited government and opposing collectivism in all of its forms. There is nothing about it that is contrary to the highest standards of morality and ethical conduct.”

  2. Sirius says:

    As Mullins mentions, the Rockefellers have funded organizations on both the left and right. The point is not whether JBS is “an extremist organization made up of kooks, McCarthyites, and racists” as Ed Says, the point is that it is an organization funded by Rockefellers. Mullins goes on to point out the net effect of organizations such as JBS it to channel energy into non productive directions. We see the same thing on the left with the Soros funded Adbusters infiltration and sponsorship of the Occupy movement. This is how any natural resistance to tyranny is managed. Perhaps even Ed is unaware of the JBS sponsorship and it may be a revelation to him.

    1. admin says:

      Of course you’re right, Sirius. But, lol, if you have a bank account and/or take a credit, then you … finance the Rothschilds, because they control the entire banking system. If you pay taxes, then you finance the State — your own oppressor. This is much worse than to take money from them! 😉 Take a look at this article, hope you’ll like it as I did 😉

  3. Sirius says:

    I suppose the reason we read these kinds of books and visit websites such as this is to try to understand why we feel so boxed in such as that fine article you pointed me toward indicates. What is the nature of the pea we feel under the hundred mattresses we are given to deaden its irritation? Of course there are many who do not feel the irritation of the pea and I suppose they do not read books and visit websites seeking understanding. For those who do, however, I hope I have provided a service to readers who may not have known before today that Ed is a proud member of JBS and that JBS has the full approval and support of the Rockefellers who use their vast sums of money to bring about the kind of world JBS claims to oppose. The significance of this information will be evident to some, and to others I hope it will encourage further research into the nature of the matrix we all find ourselves living in.

    1. admin says:

      Sirius, the pea you’re looking for under the hundred mattresses is not there — it’s in your head. According to you, The Creature from Jekyll Island was written by “a proud member of JBS”. But have you ever read this book? If yes, what is the last word on page 449? Asking because I have a strong suspicion that your comments are written by an “agent Smith”.

  4. Sirius says:

    Even Agent Smiths can provide useful information. Of course you have to use your own reasoning to discern it.