Freedom is the ability of every person to be God

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  1. Ben Franklin (pre-death) says:

    1. The Bank of England’s pressure on the King to force the colonies to use their money and to drop colonial scrip as their currency was the prime reason for the war for independence.

    2. In this sick and fraudulent system of medical insurance company greed and medical psychopathy, people without insurance are totally screwed. No one would choose to NOT have insurance unless they were insanely rich or some kind of indestructible superman.

    3. Insurance companies are the worst culprits of forcing people to go to a certain doctor and not other doctors. Not just “in network” “out of network” crap, but entire medical ideologies like Eastern practices are never covered. Private insurance companies are just as bad as the fear mongered fictions that conservatives constantly tell us about “socialized medicine”. One has to totally ignore the statistics about average life span, heart attacks, and stress levels in countries with socialized medicine in order to support these inane ideas.

    4. Just because a mythology has been held fast to for almost 2000 years doesn’t make it any more valid than the mythologies of ancient Greece or ancient Rome.

    5. The story of Jesus’s death was changed in order to vilify the Jews and protect the idea of government. Jesus was going around telling everyone that they are their own “rulers” and that no king should rule them. THAT is why he was put to death. The King could care less if some guy was walking around claiming that he was the Son of God. But telling them that they needed no king to rule them… that’s a dangerous ideology to a ruler.

  2. admin says:

    Thank you for your wonderful comment, Ben 🙂

    In place of the “Bank of England” you could simply write “the Rothschilds”. It’s the same for the pharmaceutical medicine and the entire ‘modern’ medical system – both have been created by the Rockefellers on behalf of the Rothschilds.

    Your last paragraph is especially great! So few people on this planet understand what Jesus really was here for!

  3. D.B. Led says:

    The Judge is working with some wild assumptions about the historical Jesus, many heavy with reasonable doubt. I’m surprised. Did he eat too many chocolate easter eggs? What if the Easter Bunny is real?
    Thanks to Ben F. for clearing the air at least a bit.