Democracy and Freedom Losing Ground in Europe

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  1. […] by their methods of coercion, should rather be called “political hit men”). [Transcript starts] Read it here. Is appalling, […]

  2. meow says:

    THIS is why the Irish don’t want to be part of the EU. Because THIS is how they will treat you… they don’t care about your opinions or how you feel, and they have no compunctions about treating a President like garbage. It was disgusting, and I must say… awfully European.

    I’m sorry, but that’s been my observation and opinion of the so-called European tradition, and European values… they’re the worst people on the planet, and yet they think that they are superior to everyone, and don’t care how anyone else thinks, feels or believes, and will resort to ANY lows and depths to get what they want.

  3. Bob Wanta says:

    President Vaclav Klaus from the Czech Republic is a hero for standing up to these NAZI tactics. I hope to God his people will back him up. I know the young ones will, as they watch all the riots worldwide at this time. Stop ping the Nazis won’t be easy, as they were imported into the USA and then took over the US government in a secret storm. Now they are bullying the rest of the world, still for World Domination. Anyone not wise to this will soon loose the will to live. Mark my words. Fight NWO, for its total insanity & deadly.

  4. Keith says:

    WE in the U.K. DON’T want the EU either, but WE had no choice… no vote as Gordon Brown (NON elected PM??) and Blair both knew the answer would be NO. BUT… we ARE being sold out anyway… Great Britain ‘isn’t’ any more… foreign concerns buying up our companies… we DON’T WANT to own anything? The more I read about the bombastic attitudes… WE NEED OUT!! Ireland was given the vote as IT’S gained massively from the EU funds, that’s what made me laugh. Brave? Ireland never wanted to be told what to do and why should it. That makes them rebels? Only to those who NEED them to toe a line… NO ONE wants to!! EEC is costing… needs to be broken up.

  5. admin says:

    Dear Keith, what does it mean “we had no choice”? We always have a choice! Also, even if the Irish government has gained something from the EU funds, I can bet that Irish people haven’t gained a penny from it – all money went to the pockets of those who are now pushing people to vote “yes”. But thank you for reminding that we should keep an eye on this issue and keep on exposing the EU as a Big Brother superstate, which is more and more overtly being transformed into a pan-European Gulag.