The Coming Magnetic Pole Reversal

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  1. Gwenn says:

    I sure hope you are right.
    The daily energy shifts here have been unsettling, some are enlightening, some have been eerie and disorientating. (I am situated on the North American Central Plains Conductivity Anomally and the subtle tremors have been on going for the last few years). Thankyou for this article. I have been trying to find the right search terms for these strange energies. Where are the elders with their eons of wisdom in times like these? (Oh yes, I forgot, we killed most of them when Elite Corp. Inc. invaded… sorry for the negative bit, it just popped out!).
    I believe a Mayan Elder said not to fear these changes. It is the fear that will kill you… connect with mother Earth and she will take care of you… something to that effect…
    At any rate, thank you.