Chemtrails according to Kevin Martin

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  1. John J says:

    This is a very honest and truthful view. It isn’t hyped; yet has scientific insight how these trails might be making us sick.


  2. sharon kerley says:

    President Eisenhower told us in his Farewell address to monitor the Military Industrial Complex, He was one of our presidents who cared what happened to us, but he should have been more explicit.

  3. art Bosman says:

    Give me your home adress . I send you a video on chemtrail a real good one .. Art

    I live i Holland .. A tip. Start taking Honey And Cinnemon
    Every day . I teaspoon hoonet and One theaspoon honey .. Mix it And eat it or drink it . It fights of all those heave metals . I think you will get better .. Art

  4. manis says:

    do you know that they are spraying hawaii daily now…between big island and maui …can you tell us why way out here in the remote beautiful low population place?

  5. Jon L says:

    I’m in Canada. There’s a lot of Chemtrail activity here.

  6. JesseM says:

    There is a lot of buzz on the internet saying that fake Meteorologist Kevin Martin is a scammer Apparently no college, no degree in meteorology, but he calls himself a meteorologist and issues his own illegal warnings in National Weather Service format to confuse the public. Do not use his services. You wouldn’t want a welder doing heart surgery on you. This guys is a fraud, and shouldn’t be quoted by the media. Sorry for the rant, but I made the mistake of trusting him before I found this out.

  7. admin says:

    This “buzz on the internet” was part of a well organized defamation campaign. Its target was not really Kevin Martin as a person but the information he had been publishing. Don’t trust COINTELPRO rumors but the facts and your own research, Jesse. I can’t care less whether or not Kevin Martin is a meteorologist, but the data he had been providing was all true, verifiable, and confirmed by hundreds of witnesses.