Brain Programming: The Gateway to a Controlled Society

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  1. Mike says:

    Interesting article. I have heard DARPA’s name in negative light before (I’ve seen some articles and pictures of machines they’ve built for the “defense” industry) but I had no idea they were heading down this road. It’s scary and depressing to say the least that humanity has been so corrupted. I place a lot of blame on the international bankers who have coerced, bribed, and bullied their way into every nation on earth using their fiat currency. In your other article about soldiers being murderers, the international banker plays a huge part in that also, especially considering the people they bump shoulders with also having infiltrated the US EDU system with intentions to dumb down and brainwash our children, and create slaves fearful of a fabricated enemy. Of course there are other people besides bankers responsible for this shameful direction technology and humanity is heading but if I were to list them I would be here all night. Keep up the good work here.