Big Government: An Unnecessary Evil

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  1. Personocracy says:

    This article (like many others) shows the obvious: we don’t need governments and banks – whether big or small. Is tearing them down the solution though? It’s a huge monster to break down! I gave up the idea of fighting “things” – if I want to end war on this planet, I must stop fighting. Moreover, it takes a lot of energy and it’s exhausting for what we get in return. I found another solution that is much more efficient and is very simple in its concept. Let’s think a moment: when we are not happy with someone’s product or service, what do I usually do – besides asking for a refund? I stop buying from this person or using his services. Simple, right. Now, looking at the governments and banks around the world, it seems that nobody is satisfied with them. How come we still continue asking, using and paying for their services? If we stop our collaboration with them, they will simply go out of business – end of the nightmare! We whine that they treat us like slaves; it is because we consider them like masters. It’s the slave that makes the master and not the other way around. Whereas a master feels that he can manage his life on his own, we, ordinary slave-citizens, keep this mindset that we need someone else to manage our lives otherwise we won’t survive. Well, if we observe our world’s situation, it shows that the opposite is true. Once we are going to stop behaving like slave-citizens (citizen has the same definition than slave) and start behaving like sovereign beings, then the masters will disappear. How do we do that? The first step is to stop collaborating with them by stopping using their services and giving them our money. More and more people are doing this and innovative solutions are emerging from this change. Being aware of things is good, but now concrete actions are required! Big-talk-no-action consciousness will not trigger the change so hoped for. It’s great time we get out of our sheepish way of behaving, overcome our fear of the unknown and let go of our outdated illusionary reality.