Believe Nothing the Government Says

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  2. jeff says:

    by Registering (signing over to the state) your Biological Property (your body and the bodies of your children), creating a Birth Certificate (a Financial Security Instrument representing proof of parental consent in signing over the child) you are thus Consenting to the State’s Ownership of You and Your Children.

    The State then creates a child’s very first Legal PERSON, with the parental signing of the Birth Certificate, which is given a “commercial value”. If you have an older-style Birth Certificate, look on the Reverse side of it, to see 3 points of interest.

    1) A 6-10 digit Number that you have never used in your life.

    2) The words “Revenue Receipt” on the left side of this number.

    3) The words “For Treasury Purposes Only” on the right side of the number.

    Incidentally, before the 1900’s, people USED to write the evidence of a birth in their Family Bible.

    This first Legal Person attached to you, is known as a “NATIONAL CITIZEN” which later becomes synonymous with being a “Government Employee”, when you SUBMIT (give in) an APPLICATION (to beg) for REGISTRATION (to sign over your rights) to become a SINner (by signing up for the Fraud called Social Insurance or Social Security)