Artificial Intelligence: Garbage In, Garbage Out

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  1. d.B. Led says:

    Awesome article! (Sorry to use such a trite adjective.)

    1. Wonderful work. This must be shared.

  2. thx1170 says:

    As a former A.I. researcher, I agree with pretty much everything in the article.
    It is the naivety of the masses and the low level of consciousness (despite high IQ) of scientists that plays in the hands of the power elite.

    I would like to add though, that technology can be a double-edged sword, and there are also (non-mainstream) efforts to use A.I. in a positive way, for facilitating people to self-reflect and possibly to uncover some of their inner wisdom and potential. For example (which I am connected with) has released some products in this area – that don’t give predefined ‘expert’ answers, but instead guide you to find your own, by engaging your imagination and creativity. The A.I. is necessary for providing the intelligent interaction, but all the ‘advice’ information comes from within the individual.