Arizona Shooting: Anatomy of a Controlled Murder

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  1. Edwin says:

    “to wake up sleepers”
    As In Wannabe Loughner’s?,Am I Correct?

  2. What thing that momentarily leaked from the shooters mouth, was his obscurely related by the reporter, mention of linguistics being a cause of societal misapprehension and mind control.

    This is paraphrased, but it was to that effect and it has not been heard since by me, though I do not follow mainstream media much.

    It may be searched the phraseology the shooter used when apprehended.

    Then as you know, whether it’s a hoax or not, a few people in the videos concerning the aftermath have been seen in unrelated videos of similar high profile occurrences as “paid actors”.

    Which brings us to what they are doing right now, deprogramming the shooter, or have already done it, while in the weeks following he was legally protected from having psycho-active medicinals forced into him.

    You’ll never see this guy in trial until full deprogramming, IMO, if ever, and if it does not take by test control assessment, he will “die”.

    There is more to this one, and I barely looked into it.


    “”As if this weren’t enough, its nothing in comparison to this next outrageous acts. Examining closely the individual within this photograph we can see they are identified as none other than two of Sheriff Dupnik’s Aux Volunteers. There is no disputing their identity in the Annual Awards booklet produced and downloadable from the Sheriff’s own web site.””