A Manifesto of Human Sovereignty

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  1. lpolitan.com says:

    excellent conceptualization
    one point
    ALL RELIGIONS are doing the numbers game, in Religion size determines if its a sect, cult or culture. So in some prevent rationalizing way the biggest religion is the greatest, not meaningful and healthy lives.

  2. admin says:

    Thank you, Globalpolitan. To me, all religions, whatever the size, are bullshit and doing the brainwashing, nothing else. They pretend to form cultures, but there’s no more truth in it than in bringing “freedom” to Iraq 😉

  3. jamie says:

    While much of your understanding is dead on I’d have to say the bit about the Hybrid beings manipulting mankind is a form of scapegoating….which Religious cults engage in.
    It is the eternal blame game where there is always a “good guy” and a “bad guy”…..a victim and a perpetrator.
    Religious (immature) people are always pointing the finger at someone else rather than going within to do the work. What you propose is no better than what these institutions offer my friend.

    I’d like nothing better than to blame everyone else for my shitty creations but, in the spirit of goodwill and common sense, I’ll accept the responsibility for being somewhere in the vicinity of this train wreck of a life.

    These monopoly men did NOT get here without our assistance and that is the bottom line, dear one. They merely created the game, set up the board and we became the pawns by participating for personal gain.

    It is time to take Responsibility of our actions and to stop blaming everyone ( terrestrial or extraterrestrial).

    I am sorry but I won’t be joining any movement or side as it would create an imbalance….which is what we already have. Let us go within to work out our problems.

  4. Carol says:

    Dear Francesca. I do agree with you totally and feel exactly the same. Yes, I shout together with you:
    Be Gone!
    We never asked them to be here. They did not ask our permission. They just stole us, the earth, humanity.
    How can we be hold enterely responsible for the problems we are faced today with, when, if true, we have been manipulated, controlled, deceived and lied too. I am refusing to take anymore guilt on my shoulders. I had enough with this insanity. There are forces and idiots outthere who have nothing else to do than to destroy, rape our humanity. And we have to feel guilty about this. NO!
    How can get on putting the blame on the child! The parents (Annunakis) being the sole deceivers and monsters!