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Herd Mentality is the Name of the Game

Jason Licht  |  Liberatio 1,114 views
September 26, 2012

“Disobedience, in the eyes of anyone who has read history, is man’s original virtue. It is through disobedience that progress has been made, through disobedience and through rebellion.” — Oscar Wilde.

All governments, no matter how they might appear, are made up by nothing but thieves and crooks — poisonous snakes who instill their victims with false promises and corrupt lies. Like the snakes that they are, politicians wiggle themselves out of uncomfortable questions by giving vague answers or skillfully avoiding them altogether. And, like chameleons, they blend into their surroundings and absorb whatever political stance that the herd seems to go along with at any given moment.

Politicians are war criminals, guilty of breaking their own legislated laws; but for them, it does not matter, for they are above the law — they are the law. In order to stay in their positions of power, they control their citizens by brainwashing them by all means necessary.

Herd mentality is the name of the game; the more a state’s citizens think alike, the less of a threat they are to those in power. Conformity! Submission! These are indeed seen as virtues in the eyes of our governments.

Politicians might use big and fancy words like democracy, freedom, and liberty. Do they really mean these things? I think not. This is merely to sooth the herd into a trance of submission. The best way to keep a slave in check is to tell him that he is free; he usually believes it. He will even go out of his way to show you just how free he is, but in the process only digging himself into a deeper hole.

The herd cannot see even though they have eyes, and they cannot hear even though they have ears. If they are told they are free, they don’t see any reason to think otherwise. It certainly must be a democracy that they live in, since it is possible to vote for new taxcollectors once every fourth year.

With rifle in hand, the robot-slave marches off to war — proud and patriotic — to defend the democracy and freedom he believes he has. Even though he is wounded — even handicapped for life — he still claims — with tears in his eyes — that he would have done it a million more times. For it truly is an honor to die for one’s country. Yet when he returns home, he has a lifetime of therapy and hard work to look forward to.

It will take years before he starts to realize that loosing both of his legs perhaps wasn’t such a good idea after all. That shiny medal he received doesn’t quite have the same appeal it once had. Oh, how patriotic he is! Oh how proud is our beloved country! We truly are people of a free world!

If there is not war, there is boredom — utterly painful boredom — from school, from work, and from life in general. There are many different kinds of boredom, it just takes some practice to find the most miserable kind and then stay with it for the rest of your life. Then you have truly served your purpose as a good citizen.

Your hard-earned cash is gladly taken away by the greedy state so that it can produce either more boredom or death and war. What little you have left cannot be spent as you please. No, you cannot give your brain relief, drugs are illegal; and you cannot get laid, prostitution is illegal. What you can do is to buy even more boredom — in form of so-called entertainment. For even though it is boredom, it might just produce the illusion of happiness you so desperately seek.

If you are lucky, the illusion will last until the next pay check arrives. Being a consumer and worker are the only choices we know of — work to consume, work even more to consume even more. Repeat ad infinitum. The day we retire seems almost like a blessing. “Finally I am old enough not to work! Hurray!”

Every human being is programmed in the same way. We follow the same cycle of life: study at school, work at a job, serve the country, and worship the TV. If we aren’t already robots by childhood, we surly will be by the time we are young adults.

“But the state must be right!”, you say. “They must do what is best for us, right? Surely they must care for our lives; otherwise they wouldn’t restrict us so immensely, would they? They must know something we don’t.”

Make no mistake: every politician has his own agenda, more often involving money and power than not.

Like lab rats, we run around in mazes created by our government, desperately hunting for some kind of reward at the end of the maze. Unfortunately, most of us run around in the maze our entire lives, bumping into walls and obstacles, unable to find that special reward we have been promised, never realizing that we are prisoners.

And yet, we still believe the lies that we are fed. Still we think that there is an escape if we just push ourselves a little further, if we just work a little harder that reward will suddenly appear before our eyes — but it never does.

And yet we think we are free and have rights. Still we believe that we live in a democracy. And still we are not protesting, but are actually demanding to be treated this way because we have been led to believe it is for our own good, and for the good of our nation.

Most laws are based on oppressive, fascistic, religious, and moral bullshit that was old and outdated even when they were passed.

Still, in this day and age, we let governments control our lives, bodies, and even our minds. We let people we have never met, and will never meet, make decisions in our stead regarding how to live, what is right, what is wrong, what is important, and what is not.

They have, in fact, more or less complete control over our lives. They guide us every step of the way, always making sure that we are chained. These chains cannot be seen, but we are always aware of them, somewhere in the back of our minds.

At birth we are given names and even numbers to identify us. As we grow older, our identity is equated with our line of work — we become what we do. “I am a lawyer”, “I am a carpenter”… We become nothing more than our jobs.

We didn’t make the laws, we didn’t set up the rules, but still we don’t seem to find any reason to question their purpose. On the contrary, we gladly accept whatever shit-law that the government passes, no matter how silly it seems. We have all become participants in the children’s story “The emperor’s new clothes”, praising whatever nonsense our so-called leaders are up to.

What gives other people the right to tell us what we can and cannot do? Why are authorities more potent in making decisions in our stead? Who are they to say what laws are right and wrong when most of those laws are completely absurd?

Like clay, they mould us from cradle till death, making sure our every action is programmed through one of their many facilities. In our lifetime, the majority of the herd become perfected products, destined to fulfill the demands of society.

We are taught that authorities are far better at decision-making than we ourselves. We are taught that we are weak and powerless — that we need someone to take care of us.

Our parents make decisions for us. Our teachers make decisions for us. Our sadistic boss makes decisions for us. And ultimately, the state is making decisions for everyone, passing it down from authority to authority, from generation to generation.

To the day we die, we take orders from all directions, first with resistance, then with acceptance, and finally with craving. The robotic minds that society creates for us lack any sense of original thought.

When communicating, we are simply referring to what the government and the TV has told us. Having been infantilized during all of our lives, we have forgotten how to take care of ourselves, how to stand on our own legs. It has been the job of every government and every church to make sure that we do not know how to stand on our own, so that we will always believe that we need them.

Why is it that everything that feels good and celebrates life has been perverted, stigmatized, and criminalized by both church and government? Why are we punished for wanting to feel good? Religions and governments are anti-life and hateful towards all that humanity desires, and they love everything that cripples our minds and bodies.

Communists and nationalists yell: “Help us! Help us! We are weak and powerless, take care of us!” They expect someone else, the government, to help them set the rules, to tell them what they can and cannot do, what to think and how to act.

Libertarians say, “I can take care of myself. I can make decisions on my own. And I sure as hell don’t need anyone else to tell me what is what, especially not a corrupt government!”

It is time to wake up. It is time to take back what is rightfully ours: our individuality, our own personal right to live like we want to live, our self pride and self respect. It is time to break away from the zombie herd most of the world is made up of. It is time to stop taking orders. It is time to take what is rightfully ours: our lives.

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