We All Live in a Grand Simulation

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  1. Michael says:

    Science discovered this? NO. Mayan, a Hindu Yogi wrote about these observations from his meditations 15,000 years ago in the Vedas which describe Vaastu.

    Moreover, all the measurements of the Grid (or as you call it, “The Lattice”) are mapped out. You can actually find out the names of each subtle energy form that builds the sub-atomic structures all the way up to the “atom”.

    Does this mean there is One creator? No. Because when you meditate and observe the Grid (as I have), you can actually see your thoughts as they form and populate the lattice with vibrating strings. In other words, it is your own thoughts which create form and the illusion of existence.

    For the ORIGINAL information on this concept, see Ron Quinn’s website: https://www.vaastubydesign.com/vastuscience.html