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The Never Ending Puppet Show Climax

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  1. truthalways says:

    Jeff, love your musing. I agree totally, when will people wake up and realise that the Elite love rituals, pagants and propaganda. The why question of the human existance. One day I will publish the answer you seek. I know the ‘why’. Take care, love lots, be yourself and you will be happy.

  2. The funny thing is that few people actually know about the kill list and drone program. Neither my Democrat friends nor my Republican friends know much about the number of civilians killed in the name of “catching terrorists”.

    I’ve seen Republicans posting that “Oh great, wait until more terror attacks happen on Americans overseas now that Obama is President still.” They either don’t know or don’t care that Romney was 100% on-board. He just wanted the Judge, Jury, & Executioner power for himself.

    Political theater is all we just watched for 2 years. The illusion of choice and freedom holds sway over the millions of minds around us.