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Stealth Terror: Weather Warfare and the End of America

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  1. Rhiame says:

    The weather change has been a high interest for mine for several years but recently I got into contact with some info that seems more plausible on the real origin of the weather change. I stay on the principle that if a mainstream channel dares talking about something, it is because it serves the interests of the elite one way or the other. If they talk about HAARP, then we can ask ourselves if they don’t want to distract us from something else, THE REAL THING. While we are focusing on HAARP, the chemtrails or any events, we are not looking elsewhere. The theory that the weather changes may be caused by the passing of Nibiru (Planet X) in our solar system makes more sense when we take into account the data regarding climate change, pole shifts, change in the stars’ position, etc. I am just dropping this info to not dismiss this possibility on our journey to find the truth.