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Fukushima: What Really Happened

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  1. JP says:

    I am not an expert on that subject.
    But I know the difference between FACTS and Asumptions like Ken Adachi’s articles or PB’s blog.

    When someone present a well documented website with proofs and facts with photos and videos to confirm his findings, for the sake of Truth, it’s worth to read the works of this gentleman, whatever his background, and make our own judgement if this Mr. Stone is telling the truth or partially.

    After I have read the English version and all the facts related to his investigation and findings. I can confirm that there is no doubt in my mind that Israhell are behind, again, that incident and that no earthquake of 9.0 happened on that day of March 3rd ,2011.

    By the way, in the past when someone bring hard facts concerning the involvement of Israhell on a incident, the latter will do everything to silence those individuals. This Mr. Stone dug something that Mossad/Israhell don’t want us to know.
    Mr. Stone, you have done a great job and Thank you.