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Celente: The only way out for psychopaths is war

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  1. Ayelyah says:

    To betray, one must first befriend; to deceive, one must first create a relationship of trust. No one persuaded Americans to forfeit their freedom. They were induced to freely embrace the forces that, step-by-step, displaced their freedom…thats called Zionism.
    US has been hijacked, slowly and systematically and US Police and Military serve zionist occupiers, war criminals and imposters…welcome to Palestine ….you have the same occupiers…the criminal zionist cabal network that has spread its tentacles throughout every facet of human existence, the oppressors of all nations…
    The evil that drives the criminal zionist global cabal network and its imposter “state” is not of human origin, it is the very source of evil they invoke, in ritual and human sacrifice. By supporting or working for criminal zionist war profiteers in ANY capacity you align with evil… ZIONIST “israel” IS a counterfeit state, the brainchild of a Zionist criminal cabal syndicate controlled by descendents of the House of Ananus and elite Sadducee Jewish families, the money changers that justifiably enraged Jesus Christ enough to upturn their tables in the temple…the same who had him killed…The vehicle to create a false Messiah is a false Jewish blood group.
    You support the criminal imposter ‘state’ of israel ( a name they have zero authority to use) you bow your knee to baal. AMERICA AS LONG AS YOU SUPPORT THIS ABOMINATION FRAUDULENTLY NAMED “ISRAEL” YOU EMBRACE YOUR OWN ENSLAVEMENT!!!