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Will the United States fall apart in 2010?

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  1. were screwed says:

    Yes, I think that were screwed…

    I don’t really care what ANYONE says. This whole scenario was created on purpose. There is absolutely, positively no doubt in my mind. When you send most of the manufacturing to China & Mexico and then bring half of Mexico across the border and pay them all to breed out of control… well guess what happens? You turn around one day and you are in the center of Mexico!

    Pilfer the economy, hyper inflate the currency, well gee whiz Gomer! Look what happened!

    The factor that nobody mentions though, is the coming great world war. All of the economic factors have been stacked very neatly into place like they were in WWI & WWII. The U.S. has invited all of the poor, tired, huddled masses from across the world in as fast as they can, at the same time that they have been dumbing everyone down to the level of third graders. Now women can even join up… or rather get drafted up. I’m just paranoid I guess, our government wouldn’t just be breeding millions of people just to use them for cannon fodder… would they? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    If you go down the street in most places in the U.S. now, you will notice that it is starting to look more and more like Eastern Europe. It’s a funny thing about the U.S., practically every building here was only built to last a few decades. Everything in this country is disposable… and it’s all starting to crumble… really… really fast. Anyone with a brain knows that war is all about destroying & rebuilding while killing off a large amount of the nations creditors. It’s business.

    It looks like Mr. Hitler, Stalin, Roosevelt or whatever his name is going to be this time, is getting ready to set up shop again. Hey, it’s not like they were going to do anything with that abandoned, K-Mart, Car Lot, Factory, Strip Mall, etc. anyway. When the war is over, they will just build new ones like they always do.

    Walk down the street in your “hood” and tell me it’s not coming…

  2. the reason that the united states does not close the border is because of the fact of people in congress and the senate that what Mexico and Canada and united states to be one country,that why they want a road that will be established from Mexico through the united states and Canada.The people that want one world government do not want any borders that way they can control the world.The people that want one world government want one flag that will serve for the whole world and one currency that serve the whole world that is they are fighting the closing of the boarder between Mexico and the united states.

  3. Hayden P says:

    It is clear that he is wrong. The United States did not and will not collapse. The pessimists and people who spread doom are proven wrong countless times. 2010 really wasn’t a bad year. People live longer, make more money, and more stable than they were 10 years ago. Stop your crying and have faith in the development of mankind.

  4. admin says:

    “Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see…” (John Lennon). Check the article that I’ve posted today, it explains very well how the things are really going, and where they are going to: [link]

  5. Chaos says:

    Hey just saying 2011. And Umm.. Not everyone lives in the hood. The US may have its frequencies in challenges but still america has helped many, and we pay the price. Who helps us? and you can by sure damned if you think that the states selected will just be given away. They’ll try to be independent, rather then be Russian, Mexican, or Canadian.