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Why You Should Unlearn Almost Everything You Know

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  1. J says:

    I enjoyed your article…I’ve been feeling this simplicity of pure love lately and am noticing it is the key…I like what you are sharing and I just invited several people to your facebook page just now who I think would appreciate it as well.

    Wanted to add some thoughts….

    I believe Drunvalo Melchizedeck says he hasn’t even been able to do this ascension he’s been speaking of yet successfully, and only knows of one other person who has. Didn’t he say he just figured it out and is trying to do it still?

    And, yes, information we need is readily available on the bookshelves of the bookstores, just as it’s quite obvious what humans need to do to be in superior physical health to make this human experience more enjoyable. Point is we don’t do what is suggested because it’s hard work. This is probably amusing to the “illuminati” and I am sure suggests that humans prefer to be in the matrix because it’s a familiar comfort zone thing. I can even relate to the comfort zone and nostalgia of growing up in the matrix and leaving it for good almost feels a little sad. Parts of it have been quite enjoyable.
    Sounds like you are aware of ho’oponopono techniques along with some scientology ideas about how they keep making us reincarnate back here.